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Tokyo storefronts

Tue 2.21.2017
10:19 PM

Awesome illustrations of Tokyo storefronts. The use of watercolors really brings out the character in them. There’s more at the artist’s website including making-of videos.

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Fri 1.22.2016
10:42 AM

Jesus, I didn’t realize it’s been a year since I posted anything here. That being said, here are some gorgeous night photos of Tokyo. They have a dreamy, ethereal quality that makes me want to book a ticket to Tokyo immediately.

Tokyu Hands video

Fri 4.26.2013
10:35 AM

Monocle magazine has a little video about the amazing Tokyu Hands store in Tokyo. I went there a few years ago and it was really cool, 7 floors packed with all sorts of stuff. I could’ve spent hours just wandering and perusing everything they stocked. It’s amazing how there are Walmarts that are much bigger, yet don’t carry half as much variety of things as Tokyu Hands.

Small, vertical Tokyo house

Wed 12.21.2011
10:53 AM

Land in Tokyo is some of the most expensive on the planet, so what do you do if you only have an 8 x 4 meter plot of land and you want to build a house? You build up. Architect Ryue Nishizawa designed a 5 story house with the living room/kitchen on the ground floor, a bedroom on the 2nd floor, bathroom on the 3rd, another bedroom on the 4th, and a roof-top terrace with a tiny room. Each floor is connected by stairs threaded through holes cut in the concrete floors. It has floor-to-ceiling windows throughout and plenty of plants screening it from the street, so it feels very open and airy. I love this kind of efficient use of small space.

Tiny Japanese house

Fri 12.10.2010
10:22 AM

Interesting article about a tiny house in Japan that’s built on a plot of land the size of a 1 car parking spot. From the pictures it looks like the land is the leftover triangular corner of another building, and it’s barely big enough for his Mercedes. To maximize space, the rooms are on top of each other and connected by a triangular spiral staircase, and there are large windows to make it feel bigger. Very cool.

Train set in Tokyo hotel

Thu 8.5.2010
8:09 PM

The Washington Hotel in Akihabara, Tokyo has a room that caters to train otaku. The room has an L-shaped train set that guests can play with, and it has detailed replicas of Akiba and the Tokyo Tower. Pretty cool, but for an authentic experience the hotel should’ve chosen one of the rooms next to the train tracks so guests can listen to the Shinkansen fly by every 15 minutes.