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NY Subway Timelapse Videos

Mon 1.25.2016
1:02 PM

I’m obsessed with the New York subway. Sure, San Francisco has Bart, but it’s very simple and straightforward. The NY Subway is over 100 years old and much more complex, with 23 lines over 660 miles of track. So I thought these timelapse videos were pretty cool. They show a couple of lines from first to last stop from the driver’s view.

Guy with cassette player

Fri 3.23.2012
11:52 PM

The guy sitting next to me on the subway yesterday was using a cassette player. He flipped the tape over and everything. He was either a hipster or a homeless guy, I’m still not entirely sure.

Paris Metro pictures

Mon 12.27.2010
10:32 PM

Amazing pictures of the Paris Metro at Sleepycity. These guys snuck into Metro stations after they closed for the night and explored the 100+ year old tunnels. I love this type of stuff.

Fake houses in London

Thu 6.3.2010
4:02 PM

The London Underground uses fake houses to disguise vents for the trains. When it was first built the Underground needed vents in order to keep the tunnels free of steam and smoke from the steam locomotives. Rather than ugly vents in the middle of neighborhoods, they built facades that matched the surrounding houses to hide them. Clever, but if you live next door it probably sounds like a train running through your living room every few minutes.