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Stanley Kubrick Exhibition in San Francisco

Fri 5.13.2016
11:40 PM

The Stanley Kubrick Exhibition is finally coming to San Francisco at the Contemporary Jewish Museum on June 30. I remember hearing about it when it was in LA a few years ago but I didn’t get to go. It’s been on tour around the world since 2004 though. The exhibition features props, costumes, stills, cameras and lenses, and screenplays from all of his films.

Live bus map for San Francisco

Tue 4.23.2013
6:25 PM

This live bus map for San Francisco’s Muni is very cool. It uses the NextBus API to show buses moving on the map. Some of the buses seem to be moving pretty fast, I guess the map is trying to “catch up” to the data, but otherwise it looks fairly accurate. This’ll come in handy the next time I’m wondering if I should wait for the bus or find some alternate transportation.

1906 Earthquake Mashups

Fri 9.14.2012
10:16 AM

Photographer Shawn Clover seamlessly blended photos of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake with modern-day photos shot at the same locations. I like the one with the dead horses around the Mercedes.

Guy with cassette player

Fri 3.23.2012
11:52 PM

The guy sitting next to me on the subway yesterday was using a cassette player. He flipped the tape over and everything. He was either a hipster or a homeless guy, I’m still not entirely sure.

San Francisco Archipelago

Thu 3.22.2012
9:31 PM

What would San Francisco look like if the oceans rose 200 feet? According to this speculative topographical map the San Francisco Archilelago is almost unrecognizable. Only the center of the city is left, surrounded by various islands that were formerly hills.

On a related note, when the earthquake/tsunami hit Japan last year we got a tsunami warning here in the Bay Area. The warning was issued at midnight and the tsunami was supposed to arrive around 8 in the morning, which was weird. Was I supposed to evacuate now and wait around for a few hours? Or should I go to sleep, wake up early and then evacuate? But I wasn’t too worried cause that tsunami would’ve been diminished to just slightly larger than normal waves after crossing the ocean. My place is next to the Bay Bridge and I figured in the worst case I could climb up an on-ramp onto the bridge.

Video Arcades

Thu 2.23.2012
3:08 PM

In Back Alleys and Basements, Video Arcades Quietly Survive

Now, the big family arcades are closing and the gamers are moving back into the rat-holes. In San Francisco, New York, Austin and elsewhere, these gritty little storefronts hearken back to the days when arcade cabinets mostly lived in bars, pool halls and run-down amusement parks. They are a place for gamers to test their skills against like-minded enthusiasts, a digital Fight Club for those looking for something more than Skee-Ball and Dance Dance Revolution.

I walked by this place last weekend and I did a double-take when I realized it was an arcade. At first I thought it was off-track betting or something cause it was full of people. Plus the shops in front of the Stockton Tunnel entrance are sketchy anyway.

Yelping with Cormac

Mon 11.7.2011
9:52 PM

Yelping with Cormac: reviews of San Francisco businesses if Cormac McCarthy were a yelper. Im gonna start writing without any punctuation.


Tue 9.6.2011
8:41 PM

I went out to Zine Fest on Sunday in Golden Gate Park. It was really cool, lots of people selling their zines and comics and artwork. I thought the scene might’ve died down a little with the demise of Factsheet 5 and the rise of blogs, but it looked healthy to me. I met V. Vale, founder of the legendary RE/Search Publications. Really cool guy. I bought some zines and artwork and attended a panel. It was fun, I’ll have to remember to go again next year.

Fake cable cars

Mon 5.23.2011
6:50 PM

For those of you who’ve been to San Francisco, you ever see those fake cable cars? They look like the real thing but they’re just regular vans with wheels and they drive on the road?

What the hell? I see one of these “cable cars” coming down the street and I’m like, “Alright! I’m gonna ride the cable car!” Then I find out it’s a tour bus and it costs $40. That’s like the public transportation version of being fooled by a transvestite. Up yours, fake cable car.

Chinatown Funeral Procession

Sat 1.29.2011
11:23 PM

I was exploring SF’s Chinatown last weekend when I came upon a funeral procession. I could hear the marching band from several blocks away, and as the procession got closer some guys on motorcycles (who may or may not have been police, I’m not entirely sure) blocked off the streets so the casket, a couple limos, and several dozen cars could pass through.

That’s how I want to be honored when I die. I want to be paraded around town for several hours with a marching band, baton twirlers, trained elephants and clowns riding tiny bicycles. And I want to be propped up in the limo’s sunroof so people can look at me. Also, the limo should be constantly shooting fireworks and playing Kool & the Gang’s Celebration (just to be ironic).


Tue 12.7.2010
12:21 PM

I’ve been pretty busy the last few months. I’ve finally moved to San Francisco! I’ve wanted to do this since I finished college and I finally got the opportunity. So far it’s been as awesome as I thought it would be. There’s a lot of stuff to do here. I’ve been exploring on the weekends but I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I got a great new job in Oakland so now I just take the subway to work from SF. I don’t miss commuting by car at all. And the other day I saw a homeless woman peeing on Market St. Now I just need to see a guy taking a shit and I’ll have the whole set.