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Mad Max: Fury Road cars

Thu 3.2.2017
10:52 PM

Mad Max: Fury Road featured a large cast of awesome vehicles. Problem was the action was so fast that it was hard to appreciate the beauty of these machines. Luckily the unit stills photography John Platt took gorgeous photos that you can ogle at your leisure.

City of Darkness Revisited

Mon 6.27.2016
9:26 PM

I didn’t know a new edition of City of Darkness was successfully Kickstarted and published almost 2 years ago. The book was an exploration of Kowloon Walled City, filled with fantastic photography, essays, and interviews with residents of the lawless, self-sustaining city. The new edition is updated with previously unpublished photos and more interviews and essays looking back on the last 20 years.

Nikon D600

Fri 9.14.2012
11:39 AM

I’ve been waiting for this camera: Nikon introduced the new D600 yesterday. It has a full-frame, 24MP sensor with an ISO range of 100 – 6400. If it’s anything like the D700 or D800 the low-light performance will be excellent. I take a lot of indoor and night photos and I don’t like using a flash, so this would be perfect. It’s pricy at $2,099 for the body only, but it’s still $900 less than the next cheapest full-frame D800.

1906 Earthquake Mashups

10:16 AM

Photographer Shawn Clover seamlessly blended photos of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake with modern-day photos shot at the same locations. I like the one with the dead horses around the Mercedes.

Canon lens mug

Fri 6.11.2010
4:41 PM

Canon sells mug/thermos replicas of some of their camera lenses. There’s a 70-200 mm travel thermos and a 24-105 mm coffee mug. Very cool. I wanna put one of those spring-loaded snakes inside one and mount it on my camera.