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Seinfeld set model

Sun 2.19.2017
7:53 PM

You can own a detailed scale model of the Seinfeld set for just $399.99. It looks very accurate right down to the cereal boxes, classic Macintosh, and Porsche poster. I never realized what a weird shape the apartment is. Is that normal for NY apartments?

Architectural Models

Fri 3.25.2016
1:40 PM

Chisel & Mouse have a collection of cool architectural models for sale. Made of plaster, the models include facades of recognizable buildings, like the Empire State Building and the Bauhaus Dessau, and large scale 3D maps of cities like Venice and Chicago. And if you want something more personal, you can also commission a model of your own house.


Tue 1.13.2015
3:09 PM

Artist Charles Young makes one of these neat paper architectural model every day. The small detail work is very impressive considering the medium, and there’s a huge variety of buildings. The animated gifs really bring the buildings to life when you see flags flapping, windmills turning, and elevators going up and down.