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Neon Hong Kong

Mon 3.31.2014
8:53 PM

Here’s a very cool short film about the Neon sign makers of Hong Kong, a dying breed. These guys have been making signs by hand for decades and I find it fascinating to watch people who are truly skilled in their craft. The entire site is dedicated to Hong Kong’s neon signage and there’s lots of great photos, essays, and a map in case you want to do a cyberpunkian neon tour of the city.

Ghost in the Shell in Hong Kong

Sun 8.7.2011
4:02 PM

There’s a good post over on Randomwire about Hong Kong as the inspiration for the futuristic cityscape in the Ghost in the Shell movie. I’m kind of wondering why they went all the way to Hong Kong, though, as Tokyo looks just as futuristic. Anyway, there’s comparison pictures and a cool video. I love watching cityscapes like that. Just replace the GITS soundtrack with something by Front Line Assembly and it’d be total cyberpunk.