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Seinfeld adventure game

Thu 7.14.2016
12:13 AM

It’ll never happen, but it’s fun to imagine a Seinfeld adventure game. I love how the VGA graphics match the 90s adventure game graphic style of when the show was on. That was the golden age of adventure games with Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, the -Quest games.

8-Bit Blade Runner

Wed 8.14.2013
11:40 PM

Blade Runner redone as an old school adventure game. Very badass.

Fighting game backgrounds

Mon 4.29.2013
10:24 AM

I love this awesome collection of animated gifs of the backgrounds from classic fighting games like Street Fighter. I love how colorful and detailed these are.

Futuristic User Interfaces

Fri 4.12.2013
11:27 AM

I love this awesome collection of Futuristic User Interfaces from movies and video games. Most of this stuff is unusable information-overload that would be impractical in real life, but I love looking at it anyway.

Black Mesa Source released

Mon 9.17.2012
10:20 AM

Black Mesa, the long-awaited Half-Life mod, is finally out! The mod is a remake of the original Half-Life using the Half-Life 2 engine along with updated graphics, models, levels, music, and voices. I haven’t the played the original in a long time, but looking at some comparison screenshots it looks quaint and outdated now. This mod fixes all that. Now if Valve could only get their act together and release Episode 3…

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge

Thu 7.8.2010
11:41 AM

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition was just released and it’s available on pretty much everything (PC, Xbox, PS3, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). I love the new hand-drawn graphics.

And to celebrate the release, 10 Things you did not know about Monkey Island

Fallout:New Vegas trailer

Sat 6.12.2010
4:40 PM

A new trailer for Fallout:New Vegas is out. There’s some cool new guns to play with and Vegas looks like it’s straight out of a post apocalyptic Rat Pack movie.

Red Dead Redemption short film

Tue 6.8.2010
5:23 PM

The Red Dead Redemption short film that was on TV a couple weeks ago is now available online. I haven’t played the game but I did see the director John Hillcoat’s last film, The Road, and I really liked it. I hope Rockstar ports it to the PC soon, and hopefully more optimized than GTA4.