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Amazing Marty McFly figure

Mon 12.29.2014
12:56 PM

I love Back to the Future and this Marty McFly figure is badass. Look how detailed it is! The 1/6 scale figure wears Marty’s iconic denim jacket and life preserver and comes with a bunch of accessories, including a skateboard, giant 80’s camcorder, “Save the Clocktower” flyer, and interchangeable hands to actually hold the accessories. There’s also an incredibly detailed (and pricy) time machine made to the same scale. I hope they make a Doc Brown toy too.

Custom Lego models

Tue 11.15.2011
10:15 AM

Ichiban toys offers awesome custom-made Lego models. They have lots of cool models Lego won’t, or can’t, get licenses for like the Back to the Future DeLorean, the Batpod, Star Trek ships, and various cars. Each kit includes all the pieces and instructions. The V3.0 DeLorean is especially cool, the gullwing doors open and it includes extra pieces to convert it to the versions from all 3 movies.

Power from overhead lines

Wed 6.30.2010
9:11 PM

The military’s developed a hook called RAPS – Remote Auxiliary Power System (the military loves their acronyms) that taps into powerlines to recharge equipment. A soldier is supposed to throw the hook onto a powerline, then a little blade cuts through the insulation to touch the metal, and a transformer converts the AC power to DC. The most important thing to remember is that you have to be going exactly 88 miles per hour when the hook touches the powerline to activate the flux capacitor when the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity hits it.