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Tokyo storefronts

Tue 2.21.2017
10:19 PM

Awesome illustrations of Tokyo storefronts. The use of watercolors really brings out the character in them. There’s more at the artist’s website including making-of videos.


Tue 1.13.2015
3:09 PM

Artist Charles Young makes one of these neat paper architectural model every day. The small detail work is very impressive considering the medium, and there’s a huge variety of buildings. The animated gifs really bring the buildings to life when you see flags flapping, windmills turning, and elevators going up and down.

The screen printing process

Tue 4.10.2012
6:39 PM

A look at the screen printing process behind Tim Doyle’s silkscreen prints. I took print shop in high school but we never did anything cool like this. I have a few of his prints hanging on my walls and it’s cool to see how they were made.

Rear Window in one shot

Wed 4.4.2012
4:23 PM

I’ve never seen Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, but artist Jeff Desom probably watched it a hundred times to make this art installation. He combined all of the various shots from the guy’s rear window into one big panoramic time-lapse movie. Apparently in the movie the guy watches everything from the same spot in his apartment, so the angles and points-of-view matched up. Impressive.

Stereo animated gifs

Wed 3.21.2012
11:47 PM

Artist Dain Fagerholm makes these cool 3D animated gifs. They’re like those magic eye 3d pictures but in animated gif form.

The Great Wall: Book Sculptures

Fri 12.30.2011
11:24 AM

Artist Guy Laramee has a project called The Great Wall, very impressive landscapes carved out of books. I wonder if he got any papercuts.

Cleaning Woman Cleans Sculpture

Wed 11.9.2011
1:57 PM

Cleaning woman damages sculpture

A modern art installation valued at (EURO)800,000 ($1.1 million) was damaged after an overzealous cleaning woman scrubbed away a patina intended to look like a dried rain puddle, a Dortmund official said Friday.

I bet the cleaning woman’s going to be ultra cautious now. Empty coffee cup on a table? It’s probably art. Someone shit diarrhea and missed the toilet? Probably a new acquisition.

Animated GIF rebirth

Fri 7.15.2011
8:57 PM

I had dismissed animated GIFs years ago as lame and outdated web graphics, along with “Under Construction” images and the <blink> tag. But the animated GIFs at If we don’t, remember me are awesome. I never knew 256 colors could look so good. The animations are simple and subtle at times but they make a big impact.

Spoke Art

Tue 6.21.2011
2:10 PM

I went to a really cool exhibition called Quentin Vs. Coen at Spoke Art, a gallery in lower Nob Hill. It’s all silkscreen prints, paintings and sculptures inspired by Tarantino and Coen Brothers films. Some of the pieces are available online too.

New York Cross-Section Miniature

Sun 4.24.2011
8:03 PM

Artist Alan Wolfson made an awesome miniature cross-section model of a 1970’s era New York street. The attention to detail is very impressive, from the menu in the Pizzeria to the candy in the newsstand. He’s also done a lot more miniatures shown here.

Lego Victorian House

Sat 1.29.2011
10:59 PM

Mike Doyle created an amazing three story Victorian house entirely out of legos. The detail on this is amazing. He used different colored bricks to simulate paint fading, and I love the “splintering” on the porch where the tree fell into the house. Great use of Lego parts to make the tree and grass look organic too.
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