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Architectural Models

Fri 3.25.2016
1:40 PM

Chisel & Mouse have a collection of cool architectural models for sale. Made of plaster, the models include facades of recognizable buildings, like the Empire State Building and the Bauhaus Dessau, and large scale 3D maps of cities like Venice and Chicago. And if you want something more personal, you can also commission a model of your own house.


Tue 1.13.2015
3:09 PM

Artist Charles Young makes one of these neat paper architectural model every day. The small detail work is very impressive considering the medium, and there’s a huge variety of buildings. The animated gifs really bring the buildings to life when you see flags flapping, windmills turning, and elevators going up and down.

Lego Architecture Studio

Thu 8.1.2013
2:55 PM

Depending on how old you are, the new Lego Architecture Studio set is either very cool or extremely boring. It’s the first set specifically designed for building houses and includes only white or transparent bricks along with special pieces like slopes. The only thing cooler would be if it came with a minifigure wearing an all black outfit and rectangular glasses.

Small, vertical Tokyo house

Wed 12.21.2011
10:53 AM

Land in Tokyo is some of the most expensive on the planet, so what do you do if you only have an 8 x 4 meter plot of land and you want to build a house? You build up. Architect Ryue Nishizawa designed a 5 story house with the living room/kitchen on the ground floor, a bedroom on the 2nd floor, bathroom on the 3rd, another bedroom on the 4th, and a roof-top terrace with a tiny room. Each floor is connected by stairs threaded through holes cut in the concrete floors. It has floor-to-ceiling windows throughout and plenty of plants screening it from the street, so it feels very open and airy. I love this kind of efficient use of small space.

Lego Victorian House

Sat 1.29.2011
10:59 PM

Mike Doyle created an amazing three story Victorian house entirely out of legos. The detail on this is amazing. He used different colored bricks to simulate paint fading, and I love the “splintering” on the porch where the tree fell into the house. Great use of Lego parts to make the tree and grass look organic too.
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