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Running Red Lights
Thu 1.2.2014
10:34 AM

My Instapaper is working overtime on this big list of the Best Online Writing of 2013. Longreads also has a good list.

On a related note, I got myself a retina Ipad Mini for Xmas and it’s the perfect size and weight for reading articles. It’s good for reading comics too. After using it for a couple of days I picked up my old Ipad 2; it was so heavy and the non-retina screen now seemed very blurry. How did I use it for so long?

Mon 11.11.2013
10:07 PM

I just backed the Apollo Technical Pen on Kickstarter. It’s a homage to the cult fave Rotring 600 pen with the hexagonal barrel and knurled grip, but they’ve made improvements by adding an optional stylus, support for a bunch of different refills, and the ability to turn it into a mechanical pencil. There’s also a matching drafting scale which doubles as a holder for 3 pens. I do very little writing and zero technical drawing but I love these kinds of Bauhaus, minimalist industrial technical objects. I have a collection of Rotring 600s and the combination of hexagonal barrel and cold metal just feels wonderful in my hands. Now to decide what color I want…

9:55 PM

Skinny Puppy announced the dates for the Live Shapes For Arms 2014 winter tour. I’m definitely going to the March show at the Fillmore. I’m still kicking myself for missing their last tour cause I was out of town for a job interview that I didn’t get anyway. I loved their new album, I think it’s the best one since they reformed.

Thu 9.19.2013
10:53 AM

If you find yourself in Japan and you wander into the Kawasaki Warehouse you might think “Awesome! Someone finally built a Bladerunner theme park!” But it’s actually a meticulously detailed replica of Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. The original was torn down in 1993 so, working from photographs, the artist recreated the facades in a warehouse outside of Tokyo. Signs and posters were handwritten and proofread by a Catonese speaker, then aged with a layer of dirt and grime. They even imported authentic Hong Kong trash to decorate with. Very cool.

Wed 8.14.2013
11:40 PM

Blade Runner redone as an old school adventure game. Very badass.

11:37 PM

The new issue of Optic Nerve, one of my favorite comics, was released 2 weeks ago. I haven’t had a chance to run out to my local comic book store yet. I wish Adrian Tomine were more proficient, although I do like his occasional illustrations for the New Yorker.

Thu 8.1.2013
2:55 PM

Depending on how old you are, the new Lego Architecture Studio set is either very cool or extremely boring. It’s the first set specifically designed for building houses and includes only white or transparent bricks along with special pieces like slopes. The only thing cooler would be if it came with a minifigure wearing an all black outfit and rectangular glasses.

Wed 7.3.2013
11:37 PM

Some guys built an amazing cyberpunk Lego city. The level of detailing is staggering. They used electroluminescent wire to light up the city and the Lego men are even wearing cyberpunk clothing.

Tue 6.11.2013
10:53 AM

The first single from NIN’s new album, Hesitation Marks, is available for listening on The full album is coming out September 3 and NIN will be playing several festivals this summer, followed by a full tour in the fall. Looks like the cover art is done by the same guy who did The Downward Spiral too.

Tue 5.14.2013
6:57 PM

Rolling Stone has another track from the new Skinny Puppy album as a free mp3 download. Two more weeks…

Sat 5.4.2013
4:53 PM

Listen to paragUn, the first song from Skinny Puppy’s new album Weapon, on Youtube now! I’m getting really excited about the release on the 28th.

Mon 4.29.2013
10:24 AM

I love this awesome collection of animated gifs of the backgrounds from classic fighting games like Street Fighter. I love how colorful and detailed these are.

Fri 4.26.2013
10:35 AM

Monocle magazine has a little video about the amazing Tokyu Hands store in Tokyo. I went there a few years ago and it was really cool, 7 floors packed with all sorts of stuff. I could’ve spent hours just wandering and perusing everything they stocked. It’s amazing how there are Walmarts that are much bigger, yet don’t carry half as much variety of things as Tokyu Hands.

Tue 4.23.2013
6:25 PM

This live bus map for San Francisco’s Muni is very cool. It uses the NextBus API to show buses moving on the map. Some of the buses seem to be moving pretty fast, I guess the map is trying to “catch up” to the data, but otherwise it looks fairly accurate. This’ll come in handy the next time I’m wondering if I should wait for the bus or find some alternate transportation.

Thu 4.18.2013
2:06 PM

I found these scans of the 1980 Lego Idea Book. I have fond memories of reading this over and over again when I was a kid. Some of these scenes have a stark, desolate feel. I also love how, halfway through the book, the couple just casually get into a spaceship and lift off. Then they go back in time to the Middle Ages.