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Kraftwerk at the Fox Theater, Oakland

10:05 AM |

After not going to concerts for 7 or 8 years I attend 2 in 1 month. Anyway, this time I saw Kraftwerk at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Kraftwerk were doing a 3D concert tour, an extension of the sold-out 8 show retrospective at MoMA in New York.

I was expecting German precision for the 8:00 start time but they actually started around 8:15. Ah well. The lights went down, curtains opened and Kraftwerk was on stage, standing behind consoles and wearing bodysuits with grids on them. They started off with The Robots. I’ve never heard Kraftwerk played so loud before. Projected on a big screen behind them was a 3D movie synchronized to the music. I believe the computer graphics are intentionally retro-looking. Next was Numbers which segued into Computer World. They played extended mixes of some songs like Autobahn and Tour De France and mixed together others. They sounded fantastic. I’ve never seen Kraftwerk perform live before so I don’t know how much is pre-recorded vs. live, but at the end of the show each member did a little “solo” on their equipment and I know Ralf was singing live for some songs. Anyway, it was a great show and I was glad I got to see a legendary band.

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