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Skinny Puppy at The Fillmore, San Francisco

2:31 PM |

The Skinny Puppy show was amazing. The boys were in top form and sounded fantastic. The opening band, Baal, started promptly at 8:00. I like a punctual band. They were pretty good but they got repetitive after a while, just a lot yelling, screaming and bass. After about half an hour they cleared their equipment off the stage and Skinny Puppy started setting up. Cevin’s keyboards and equipment were on the right side of the stage with a white cloth draped in front, the drums on the left, and in the middle was a box with what looked like blank canvas sides. There were some other props around the stage, a widescreen monitor on the left that was showing video from several small cameras set up around the stage, and there was a big screen behind everything.

Skinny Puppy took the stage just after 9:00 and went straight into Illisit. Ogre came onstage wearing an elaborate costume and holding a machete and an umbrella with a big radiation symbol on it, the video projecting patterns onto the umbrella. It looked so cool. I lost track of the set list but I do remember they played a mix of songs from Weapon and earlier stuff from before Too Dark Park. Ogre changed costumes several times, always wearing twisted masks. There were guys wearing radiation suits and face masks wandering around the stage like they were trying to capture and examine Ogre, and then someone with a red laser came out and chased off Ogre when he got too close. They unfolded the box into a sort of 4-piece Tetris shape with what I realized was a different video from the background video playing on it. Ogre brought out a skinny puppy model at one point and played around with it, then set it on a tall box on the left that had a green, I dunno, sphere or something under it. For another song he played with glowing blue liquid in a bottle. He also sang through a little bullhorn with purple led lights inside it. For the first encore they played Far Too Frail, Glass Houses, Smothered Hope, and Overdose, and for the second encore Assimilate.

Right after Assimilate I went over to the merchandise stand and got a t-shirt and tour poster, and then when I left I got a free Skinny Puppy Fillmore poster. I’ve never been to the Fillmore before but apparently they give out free posters for sold out shows, very cool.

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