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San Francisco Archipelago

9:31 PM |

What would San Francisco look like if the oceans rose 200 feet? According to this speculative topographical map the San Francisco Archilelago is almost unrecognizable. Only the center of the city is left, surrounded by various islands that were formerly hills.

On a related note, when the earthquake/tsunami hit Japan last year we got a tsunami warning here in the Bay Area. The warning was issued at midnight and the tsunami was supposed to arrive around 8 in the morning, which was weird. Was I supposed to evacuate now and wait around for a few hours? Or should I go to sleep, wake up early and then evacuate? But I wasn’t too worried cause that tsunami would’ve been diminished to just slightly larger than normal waves after crossing the ocean. My place is next to the Bay Bridge and I figured in the worst case I could climb up an on-ramp onto the bridge.

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