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Running Red Lights
Running Red Lights
Running Red Lights
Fri 3.3.2017
10:39 AM

Mondo just released some awesome Aliens tiki mugs. They’re so cute! Glazed ceramic in 5 colors, they’re perfect for bloody marys. Get it? Bloody mary?

Thu 3.2.2017
10:52 PM

Mad Max: Fury Road featured a large cast of awesome vehicles. Problem was the action was so fast that it was hard to appreciate the beauty of these machines. Luckily the unit stills photography John Platt took gorgeous photos that you can ogle at your leisure.

Tue 2.21.2017
10:19 PM

Awesome illustrations of Tokyo storefronts. The use of watercolors really brings out the character in them. There’s more at the artist’s website including making-of videos.

Sun 2.19.2017
7:53 PM

You can own a detailed scale model of the Seinfeld set for just $399.99. It looks very accurate right down to the cereal boxes, classic Macintosh, and Porsche poster. I never realized what a weird shape the apartment is. Is that normal for NY apartments?

Thu 7.14.2016
12:13 AM

It’ll never happen, but it’s fun to imagine a Seinfeld adventure game. I love how the VGA graphics match the 90s adventure game graphic style of when the show was on. That was the golden age of adventure games with Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, the -Quest games.

Mon 6.27.2016
9:26 PM

I didn’t know a new edition of City of Darkness was successfully Kickstarted and published almost 2 years ago. The book was an exploration of Kowloon Walled City, filled with fantastic photography, essays, and interviews with residents of the lawless, self-sustaining city. The new edition is updated with previously unpublished photos and more interviews and essays looking back on the last 20 years.

Fri 5.13.2016
11:40 PM

The Stanley Kubrick Exhibition is finally coming to San Francisco at the Contemporary Jewish Museum on June 30. I remember hearing about it when it was in LA a few years ago but I didn’t get to go. It’s been on tour around the world since 2004 though. The exhibition features props, costumes, stills, cameras and lenses, and screenplays from all of his films.

Fri 3.25.2016
1:40 PM

Chisel & Mouse have a collection of cool architectural models for sale. Made of plaster, the models include facades of recognizable buildings, like the Empire State Building and the Bauhaus Dessau, and large scale 3D maps of cities like Venice and Chicago. And if you want something more personal, you can also commission a model of your own house.

Thu 1.28.2016
3:43 PM

Threezero toys announced their impressive Fallout T-45 power armor figure. It stands 14.5″ tall and has 35 points of articulation. All the power armor pieces are removable, revealing the frame underneath, and the helmet lamp even lights up. Badass, although it’s weird buying something that costs 8 times more than the game did.

Mon 1.25.2016
1:02 PM

I’m obsessed with the New York subway. Sure, San Francisco has Bart, but it’s very simple and straightforward. The NY Subway is over 100 years old and much more complex, with 23 lines over 660 miles of track. So I thought these timelapse videos were pretty cool. They show a couple of lines from first to last stop from the driver’s view.

Fri 1.22.2016
10:42 AM

Jesus, I didn’t realize it’s been a year since I posted anything here. That being said, here are some gorgeous night photos of Tokyo. They have a dreamy, ethereal quality that makes me want to book a ticket to Tokyo immediately.

Tue 1.13.2015
3:09 PM

Artist Charles Young makes one of these neat paper architectural model every day. The small detail work is very impressive considering the medium, and there’s a huge variety of buildings. The animated gifs really bring the buildings to life when you see flags flapping, windmills turning, and elevators going up and down.

Sun 1.4.2015
11:21 PM

Thought I’d do one of those “year in review” posts. I’ve really gotten back into reading the last few years and I think last year I read the most yet. I put a star next to the ones that I highly recommend.

  • The entire Revelation Space series by Alastair Reynolds​*
    • Revelation Space
    • Chasm City
    • Redemption Ark​
    • Absolution Gap​
    • Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days
  • House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds*
  • Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds*
  • Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds
  • Pandora’s Star by Peter F. Hamilton
  • Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton
  • The Abominable by Dan Simmons
  • The Martian by Andy Weir*
  • A Bridge of Years by Robert Charles Wilson
  • Damned by Chuck Palahniuk
  • Cibola Burn by James SA Corey
  • The Human Division by John Scalzi
  • The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

These books I’m still reading:

  • Drood by Dan Simmons
  • Dune by Frank Herbert
  • The Guns at Last Light by Rick Atkinson
  • Shadow & Claw by Gene Wolfe
Tue 12.30.2014
3:41 PM

I’ve never heard of Lego Ideas before. It’s a crowdsourcing site where people can make Lego models and other people vote to make it an actual Lego product. Anyway, they have an awesome Ghostbusters Ecto-1 model, complete with minifigures. It’s amazingly accurate for a Lego model, unlike the Back to the Future DeLorean which doesn’t really look like it.

Mon 12.29.2014
12:56 PM

I love Back to the Future and this Marty McFly figure is badass. Look how detailed it is! The 1/6 scale figure wears Marty’s iconic denim jacket and life preserver and comes with a bunch of accessories, including a skateboard, giant 80’s camcorder, “Save the Clocktower” flyer, and interchangeable hands to actually hold the accessories. There’s also an incredibly detailed (and pricy) time machine made to the same scale. I hope they make a Doc Brown toy too.